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At Conservas Hoya we process our anchovies using traditional methods. Elaborated and filleted one by one with care, Hoya anchovies are fished during the spring coastal season and are processed fresh to keep all their flavor. They are left to mature in barrels with salt for a minimum period of 6 months. Once matured, they are filleted by hand one by one and packed in olive oil in jars and cans. The Cantabrian anchovy is the most appreciated in the world. Thanks to this careful traditional production process, we obtain an anchovy with a meaty texture and an intense flavor.

How are Cantabrian Anchovies made?

The production of anchovies has been carried out in Santoña for decades. Santoña anchovies are recognized for their quality and flavor all over the world. At Hoya, we preserve the tradition of our land in each can.

Anchovies belong to the Engraulidae family. It is a blue fish that in adult age reaches 15 cm in length. The anchovy travels thousands of kilometers during its short 2 years of life in search of food. In Conservas Hoya we fish Cantabrian anchovy, of recognized quality all over the world.

When are Cantabrian Anchovies fished?

Anchovies move in schools and their inshore season, which is when a fish is in the best conditions of size and flavor to be caught, is between the months of April and May. Respecting the inshore of this and any other species is important to preserve the future of the species and its ecosystem.

Certified by the MSC We use sustainable fishing methods that respect the environment. The anchovy is fished by “purse seine fishing” a traditional way of fishing in which the fish suffers less, thus obtaining a higher quality.

Undoubtedly the anchovy occupies a place of honor in the cuisine of our land, and more and more recipes are available. Its delicious flavor and versatility make the anchovy a very interesting raw material to experiment contrasts and new flavors in all kinds of cuisines and dishes, from the most traditional to avant-garde flavors.